Announcing Our vBrave New Films for 2024

The Anthem Film Festival has been called “one of the centers of film innovation... running counter to film industry practice.” At Anthem, we’re proud of being counter-cultural when it means being in favor of individuality, choice, accountability, and self-reliance. This year our theme is "Brave New World," and it couldn't be more timely as we consider Aldous Huxley's view of a disconnected, technological future. We're bringing you films about free speech and student protests, new solutions to the housing crisis, vaccine trials, transgenderism and parental rights, circumventing government regulations, and the "great reset" where "you will own nothing, and you will be happy." We'll follow these films with lively Q&A with the directors, and provocative panel discussions where you can join your voice with the experts. Register now for the Anthem Film Festival at Caesars Forum, Las Vegas, July 10-13, 2024. We'll see you at the movies!

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Individuality. Choice. Accountability.

Anthem Film Festival promotes thought-provoking and impactful cinema. Join us to explore inspiring stories and celebrate the power of the individual at Anthem Film Festival.

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