“Adapted from…. Producing Films Based on True Stories and IP” (Anthem Filmmakers Lounge)

U.S. Narrative

Director: Joseph Corey, Lana Link, Melony Armstrong

Length: 75 minutes

Friday 3:30pm

Professional Filmmaker Workshop, Anthem Filmmaker Lounge. Countless pro-freedom true stories deserve to be told, and the Moving Picture Institute is leading the effort with its slate of narrative films. Learn from MPI producers Joseph Corey, Lana Link, and Melony Armstrong (FREEDOM HAIR) how they bring books and real peoples’ lives to the screen, reaching audiences of millions through wide distribution deals on popular streamers. Some of MPI’s past films include Miss Virginia, Pinball: The Man Who Saved the Game, Kemba, Freedom Hair, and more. This panel will also feature tips for developing your own true stories and IP.