Short narratives

Director: Patrick Reasonover

Length: 20 minutes

(Comedy.) Sass is an idealistic young Alien on a family vacation traveling the galaxy, when her family comes across Earth. This planet has been deemed a “doofus civilization” because a privileged few use coercion and centralized power structures to control the many. Sass’s father decides Earth must be “photon sealed” to prevent humans from achieving interstellar travel. Before he can act, Sass beams down to Earth, then ends up in an interrogation room. There, she offers a bargain – her alien technology with free unlimited energy plus a chance for Earth to join the Galactic Community of Free Individuals, provided she can deliver a message to the entire world about the Principle of Sentient Respect, or “Human Respect.” But when Homeland Security is called in, the situation becomes contentious. Will Sass have a chance to share her message with “the many” or will “the few” deny her the chance?