Battleground Melbourne

International Documentary

Director: Topher Field

Length: 101 minutes

“Battleground Melbourne” charts the extraordinary efforts of ordinary people as they fought for their rights and freedoms when their beloved home was turned from the “World’s most livable city” to the world’s most locked down city. Hear first hand accounts, see actual footage of the battles that unfolded, and be inspired by the courage of ordinary people willing to fight for their freedom. “Battleground Melbourne” is a multi-award winning documentary earning international acclaim, and at its core is a simple message: There is hope for as long as people are willing to keep fighting. Watch as previously unthinkable events unfold in the streets of one of the world’s great cities, Melbourne Australia, where riot police with armored vehicles would open fire on unarmed and non-violent protesters, and the State Government were willing to stop at nothing in their brutal efforts to silence the voices of their own people. “Battleground Melbourne” stands as a permanent record of the darkest chapter in modern Australian history.

Post-screening discussion: “Pandemic Lockdown: Overreach and Overkill” Gary Alexander, Doug Casey, Sean Malone