Busy Bee

Short narratives

Director: Joseph K. Kast

Length: 9 minutes

“Busy Bee” is the first ever dialogue-free animated narrative short about housing policy…we think. Our hero is an architect bee who loves designing and building beautiful beehives. His most recent masterpiece makes him think he should design and build the homes of all the other animals in the yard — whether they want him to or not. The visual style is meant to evoke animation’s golden age, which was also the era when many well-intentioned but harmful housing and zoning policies were implemented in the US. “Busy Bee” is an allegory about housing, but its central question extends beyond policy: Who gets to be the final arbiter of taste?

“Because nothing is more ideal than a happy-go-lucky autocrat getting splatted by an even bigger autocrat!” — Anthem Judge

For information on how to view this film go to Pacific Legal Foundation.