International Documentary

Director: Martin Durkin

Length: 79 minutes

Friday 8:00pm

Filmed on location in the U.S., Israel, Kenya and the U.K, CLIMATE, THE MOVIE, exposes the climate alarm as a quasi-scientific justification for greater state control.  An impressive cast of brilliant scientists describes the lack of science behind this scare. The film describes how  “climate change” became a funding bandwagon and justification for the publicly-funded scientific establishment, and a defining moral badge for the anti-capitalist Left.  More than this, it describes the nature of the anti-capitalist politics which are driving this alarm: they are the politics, it is argued, of a sprawling, tax-munching anti-capitalist establishment, whose aim is not the liberation and enrichment of the masses, but rather the very opposite. The film includes interviews with senior scientists (professors of physics and meteorology) from Caltech, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and NASA and John Clauser, who won the Nobel-prize for physics in 2022.