Short narratives

Director: Omid Iranikhah

Length: 26 minutes

Wednesday 12:00pm

Winner, Best Short Narrative, Anthem Persian Film Festival. Amin (Omid Iranikhah) and his father Hossein (Shary Nassimi) don’t talk much anymore. Aside from the occasional phone call and brief get-together here and there, they aren’t as close as they would like to be. The COVID pandemic, now on its third year, has only added to that distance. One day, Hossein gets into a mild car accident and must take his car to the repair shop. He has a few hours to kill, so he calls his son and asks if he wants to grab breakfast. Amin agrees. It begins with small talk and awkward silences. Then, the more the two men open up to each other, the more their differing worldviews drive a wedge between them. Will Amin and Hossein ever come to terms?