Short documentaries

Director: Paul Sanderson

Length: 39 minutes

The year 2023 marks the centennial of Calvin Coolidge’s presidency. Coolidge stands as perhaps America’s most misunderstood and unjustly neglected president. But a landmark new documentary film changes that. Coolidge oversaw one of America’s greatest periods of prosperity. Far from a passive president, he cut taxes while reducing the federal debt. The resulting prosperity blunted class warfare. President Coolidge also presented a model of character, principle, and humility—rare qualities in Washington, then or now. And Americans rewarded Coolidge with support politicians of both parties would envy today. COOLIDGE: REDISCOVERING AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT, directed by award-winning filmmaker Paul Sanderson, features interviews with: Steve Forbes, Amity Shlaes, Jon Meacham, Governor Michael Dukakis, Judge Edith Jones, Governor James Douglas, Kurt Schmoke, Judge Janice Rogers Brown (ret.), George Nash, Governor Phil Scott, Garland Tucker, and others. It reveals a leader who offers urgent lessons for our age of inflation, exploding debt, and partisan rancor.
You may watch this film here.