International Documentary

Director: Rafel Duran Torrent

Length: 76 minutes

Cyborgs are human beings with electronic devices implanted in their bodies to extend their senses and/or enhance their physical and cognitive capabilities. Technology with the potential for human enhancement is already available, but its use is strictly restricted to remedial (medical) applications. However, the first cyborgs are already crossing the boundaries of their human limits just for the sake of it –at home, in basement workshops and tattoo parlors, using low-tech equipment and with a do-it-yourself attitude.
They are a tiny minority, seen by many as weird or crazy experimenters, but in the near future we may be calling them pioneers. In this film we will explore life as a cyborg through the stories of a few current ones; we will discover how close scientists are to taking the leap; and we will consider the philosophical, ethical and legal implications of going beyond human by letting machines become part of us.

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