U.S. Documentary

Director: Tobias Elvhage, Liz Morberg

Length: 90 minutes

Thursday 12:35pm

The transgender movement has attracted much attention in the last decade. From transgender athletes who by far win over female competitors and male prisoners who call themselves trans moving to women’s prisons, to creating additional bathrooms for third genders, children are now being educated at a young age that they can choose which gender feels best for them. The solution has been to prescribe puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery to young children, often without informed consent about side effects that can lead to severe and irreversible implications for their future lives. But is the problem solved? What happens to the children who have been through transitioning therapy? What happens to the families where one or both parents don’t want their children to start the treatment at a young age? And who is profiting from this trend? This documentary unveils what actually happens to those who started to change their gender, its implications for parental rights, the financial interests behind the transgender movement, and the political and societal mechanisms in play.