Harvard Cancelled its Best Black Professor. Why?

Short documentaries

Director: Rob Montz

Length: 25 minutes

Roland Fryer was an unlikely Harvard superstar. Abandoned by his mom at birth and raised by an alcoholic dad, Fryer became the youngest black professor to secure tenure at Harvard. He won the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal, the prize for the best economist under 40 in the world. Fryer’s research routinely upended the woke orthodoxies dominating academia, but not on purpose; Fryer isn’t partisan. His only interest is digging up truth, no matter what it is. Truth, he says, is the key tool for improving the lives of black boys and girls. Then, in 2018, Fryer’s career was suddenly cut short. Drawing on previously unreported documents and interviews with dozens of Fryer’s friends and colleagues, this short documentary reveals his cancellation for what it was: an ideological purge.

“Rob’s best work” — Anthem Judge