Short narratives

Director: Dugan Bridges

Length: 18 minutes

Scarlett Manning (Pandora Broadwater) recounts a haunting tale from her past in which she, her family, and friends were caught up in a deadly campaign of violence and propaganda in post-Reconstruction North Carolina. Powerful media barons, in lockstep with the political class, foment hate and terror to retake control of the state. The lone voice of truth is Scarlett’s father, who publishes the only black-owned newspaper in the country. Trying to help her father, Scarlett finds herself entangled in the elites’ twisted plot. As chaos descends upon her city, she makes one last attempt to save her friends. IN THE PINES is a tragic tale of a blossoming, pluralistic society cut down in its infancy by power-hungry partisans bent on suppression and division. This film highlights the importance of a free press, free trade, and cooperation in upholding the ideals of truth and freedom.