U.S. Narrative

Director: John Papola

Length: 55 minutes

Friday 12:20pm

Love Gov Season 3 follows Rose, a young teacher and mother navigating the disastrous implementation of the “new normal” in public schools. Viewers will find Rose’s story all too sympathetic—and unfortunately, all too realistic—in the wake of our own current public school crisis. Love Gov’s villain is the insufferable Scott Govinsky, now the new superintendent of Rose’s public school. Scott tells parents and teachers they can keep it casual and call him “Gov”…while they embrace critical race theory and radical gender theory, live in the metaverse, and even use his own digital money (“Gov Bucks”). With each post-pandemic attempt to reopen the school, Gov bungles his job and infuriates everyone. Rose’s good-faith efforts to bring sanity and common sense back to the job she loves fail time and again. Will Rose be able to stop Gov’s tyrannical takeover of the school that both she and her son call home? Comedy.