U.S. Documentary

Director: Michael "Oz" Ozias

Length: 76 minutes

According to a Department of Justice estimate, police officers shoot and kill over 10,000 pet dogs in the US every year. The award winning, and critically acclaimed, documentary Of Dogs And Men shines a light on this disturbing trend. From SWAT raids to simple calls and even visits to wrong addresses, we are seeing more and more incidents of officers using lethal force against a family pet, despite the fact that no officer has ever been killed in the line of duty by a dog. Are these callous acts by officers in a system without regard for our four-legged family members, or are they true peace officers doing their best in a dangerous job? Of Dogs and Men takes audiences on a journey with pet owners through the tragedy of loss and the triumph of change in a legal system in which the very officers they challenge are an integral part.
Panelists: John McAfee, Cary Hansel, David Balmer, Patrick Reasonover, Michael Ozias

You may watch the entire film here.