Short documentaries

Director: Deron Brunson

Length: 19 minutes

Former Sheriff William J. “Dub” Lawrence of Davis County, Utah, provides riveting analysis of the impact of lethal force currently being used by police officers against U. S. citizens. POLICE STRIKE FORCE shows the increasing awareness and involvement of peace officers like “Dub” who are speaking out against injustice that does not represent the American Way of Life and presents simple solutions that can restore the American Dream for those who have come to fear the police. The use of deadly police force is becoming commonplace throughout the country. Better legislation, an informed public, and greater accountability for police are among those solutions. The message of this short documentary film has the potential to affect a huge, positive change in America at a time when it’s desperately needed. POLICE STRIKE FORCE can help change the heading of America’s misguided course toward a better destiny.