International Narrative

Director: David Sousa Moreau

Length: 101 minutes

RE-EVOLUTION combines the taut action of V is for Vendetta with the philosophy of Atlas Shrugged. The most sensational “media crime” investigation of history has started. Four individuals, fed up with the world changing their lives, decide it is time to the change the world instead. Now, every European government is demanding an explanation for the daring event that has taken place. Using flashbacks and interrogations, RE-EVOLUTION challenges the audience to rebuild the story of four suspects accused of having freed humanity. Who are these people, and what happened last night? Slowly, the tension builds as clues and confessions reveal how these characters met, how they got close, how they inspired each other, and how they save each other…
But … Can the world change? Or, what seems even more difficult … Can you change the world?  Director David Sousa Moreau could be the Ayn Rand of a new generation.
Panel: “The Legacy of Ayn Rand in Filmmaking”  Doug Casey, Jennifer Grossman, Javier Parellada; Mark Klugmann (mod)
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