U.S. Documentary

Director: Andrew Coulson

Length: 56 minutes

Why doesn’t education use innovation to grow, the way a successful business does? SCHOOL INC.—A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH ANDREW COULSON follows the late Andrew Coulson, series creator, writer, host, and senior fellow of education policy at the Cato Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, as he sets out on a worldwide personal quest for an answer to this question. Throughout the three-part series, Coulson examines the role of innovation, the universal search for educational excellence, and –for better or worse—the application of the profit motive. Screening at Anthem is episode one, “The Price of Excellence,” wherein Coulson explores the educational establishment, its history, and the politics that sometimes impede the growth of good schools, effective teachers, and the involvement of entrepreneur educators.
Panel: “School Inc: Exploring Global Innovation in Education, and Applying it Here” David Boaz, Bob Bowdon, Bob Chitester; Neal McCluskey, mod.