Short documentaries

Director: Rob Montz

Length: 14 minutes

Around the country, college students are silencing speakers in the name of safe spaces, prompting controversy over whether certain topics are too sensitive to debate on campus or whether the university is even the most important place to debate them. In We the Internet TV‘s first mini-documentary, SILENCE U, filmmaker Rob Montz visits his alma mater, Brown University, to find out what happened to free speech and debate on campus. Montz interviews Brown University students, administrators, and Professor Glenn Loury as he examines the controversial actions of Brown University President Christina Paxson and ProfessorTricia Rose in an effort to answer one key question: Is the “heckler’s vote” a valid exercise of free speech or simply a way of censoring others and ostracizing legitimate but unpopular perspective through mob pressure?

Panel: “Is the University Killing Free Speech?” Ted Balaker, Ari Cohn, Stephen Cox, Lou Perez; Claudia Murray, mod.

You may watch the entire film here.