U.S. Documentary

Director: Violet Columbus, Ben Klein

Producer: Steven Soderbergh

Length: 90 minutes

  • Best Documentary Feature

PRODUCED BY STEVEN SODERBERGH. Brash and opinionated, Christine Choy is a documentarian, cinematographer, professor, and quintessential New Yorker whose films and teaching have influenced a generation of artists. In 1989, Choy began documenting three leaders of the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests who had escaped to political exile following the June 4th massacre. That project was abandoned when funding ran out and has remained unseen and incomplete until now. In their debut feature, directors Ben Klein and Violet Columbus follow Choy as she travels to Taiwan, Maryland, and Paris in order to share the archival footage with the dissidents who have remained in exile since 1989. Driven by Choy’s iconoclastic voice, THE EXILES is about the enduring love for one’s home, the fragility of historical record and remembrance, and the power of film to intervene and bear witness. Winner of the Sundance 2022 Grand Jury Prize for U.S Documentary, THE EXILES brings modern history and the struggle for democracy to human scale by considering the individual costs of a life dedicated to self-expression. Q&A with Ben Klein, Zhou Fenguso, Jianli Yang, Wuer Kaixi (an exiled hero of Tiananmen Square); Li Schoolland (mod)