Short narratives

Director: Matthew Szewczyk

Length: 23 minutes

A Filipino house maid, Ligaya, held captive by an upper class family in Orange County, California, seeks to find peace in her terrible reality until an observant deliveryman tries to help. The story of Ligaya is a composite, based on actual events, of an immigrant who was sold into servitude and now lives with her captors in an upper-class neighborhood in Orange County, California. Her captors force her to live out a warped version of the American dream that, after years of enslavement, abuse, and forced servitude, become too much for her to withstand anymore. “The Return” is the story of a woman seeking to find either solace in her oppressive reality or the strength to attempt a desperate return to freedom. Starring Aina Dumlao (“MacGyver,” “The Unusual Suspects”).
PANEL “Labor Trafficking and the Rule of Law,” Tom Palmer, Matthew Szewczyk, Timothy Ballard

You may watch the entire film here.