U.S. Documentary

Director: Michael "Oz" Ozias

Length: 72 minutes

HEY SAY IT CAN’T BE DONE is a documentary that explores how innovation can solve some of the world’s largest problems. Entrepreneurs can roll back climate change, eliminate organ waitlists, end factory farming, and solve world hunger… if we let them. The documentary follow the stories of four companies on the brink of disruptive innovation. Each innovative technology highlighted in the film has the potential to revolutionize its industry, but all have the common roadblock of regulations that threaten to limit their success. The film examines how innovation does not come without risk.

With new technologies come new consequences that could impact our health, safety, and environment. Our regulatory system is intended to protect the public interest. But, as we see with the challenges faced by the entrepreneurial pioneers featured in the documentary, perhaps some well-intentioned regulations have become too cumbersome – inadvertently discouraging innovation.

Can our society think critically to break down pointless or misguided barriers and use the power of government effectively to usher in a new age of human progress? We say it can be done.

You may watch the entire film here, courtesy of Cato Institute.