U.S. Documentary

Director: Chase Kinney

Length: 42 minutes

They thought they were the smartest men in America. Trust Us traces the rise of American technocracy: governance by bureaucratic experts. Beginning in the early 20th century, this documentary reveals how our leaders funneled power to unelected experts who were convinced they could engineer solutions to all of our nation’s problems. Not only did these experts fail to solve those problems, but in example after example, they caused irreversible damage to the country. This is a true story of bureaucratic arrogance gone wild. What started as a few federal agencies has become today’s massive administrative state, a “fourth branch” of government that influences every aspect of our daily lives. From economics to housing to health, Trust Us reveals the strange origins and tragic consequences of expert rule. The film features interviews with Don Boudreaux, Martin Gurri, Roger Koppl, Kevin Portteus, Joseph Postell, Amity Shlaes, and Steve Simpson. Amity Shlaes and Steve Forbes join the pre-screening panel. You may watch the film here.