Trust Us

Short documentaries

Director: Joseph K. Kast

Length: 8 minutes

“Trust Us” is a six-chapter documentary series charting the origins of “technocracy” —rule by experts. The United States was founded on a core principle: checks and balances. Each of the three branches of government would keep the others in check. Early 20th century Progressives believed that idea was outdated and began supplanting more and more of our constitutional system with administrative experts, confident that they could plan and engineer society from the top down. If they could just accrue enough knowledge and power, they could cure the human condition. What started as a few executive bureaus has become today’s massive administrative state, a “fourth branch” of government that influences every aspect of our daily lives. The results have not been reassuring. From economics to housing to health, “Trust Us” reveals the strange origins and tragic consequences of expert rule.

For information on how to view this film go to Pacific Legal Foundation.