International Narrative

Director: Jonathan Cullinane

Length: 85 minutes

  • Best Narrative Feature

New Zealand businessman Dave Henderson was not a happy man. That morning, his secretary had gone to the Inland Revenue head office to collect an overdue refund. An auditor made some suggestive and offensive comments to her. Dave told the revenue officer that if he ever talked to one of his employees like that again he would kick his “fat butt from one end of the city to the other.” Days later, he received his first threatening letter. And so began a saga of Kafkaesque proportions. Inland Revenue turned Henderson’s life upside down. He was hounded, charged with fraud, his businesses wound up, bankrupted. His marriage fell apart and he lost his home. This comedy-drama is based on the bestselling account of Henderson’s titanic, chilling, absurd – and ultimately successful – battle with that most bureaucratic of bureaucracies, the tax department.