U.S. Narrative

Director: Cole James Gentles, aka Rocket Stahr

Length: 92 minutes

The year is 2164, rock n roll has been banned, and the world is in a cage of tyranny. “Since the Left and the Right joined their forces to fight the unpredictable will of the individual, we replaced Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand with the visible fist of the will of the people!” barks C. Czar, the villain in this animated libertarian rock opera. Can a mad scientist, a group of displaced orphans, and a cloned four-armed rockstar, rock-and-roll the masses free from tyranny as they embark on a guerilla concert tour?

3:30 pm PANEL “CyberPunk, Rock Operas, and a Not-So-Dystopian Future” Grant Brown, Rob Montz, Cole Gentles aka Rocket Stahr; Adam Guillette, mod.